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I was on the bus yesterday on the way back from a dental appointment and a bit of a shopping trip. I was wearing my new bargain training shoes i'd managed to pick up for 18 quid(down from 55 quid) when some school children made a comment to each other about them. I asked them what they found funny,they replied that they were naff or something else derogatory. What i do is buy trainers that are a decent make but way down in price. I don't stick to a particular brand, as long as they look ok and cost little i'll buy and wear them!
Have you been a victim of training shoe snobbery where someone has mocked them for not being the latest overpriced ones?

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Not in the last 26 years, no. I remember getting a pair of converse when I was 10 or 11 though and getting the mick taken...wind on 20 years and people would have been like "whoa, awesome retro trainers maaaan!"

I was walking with my partner yesterday though and, well, she's quite loud at times and gets right into her dialogue...passed a couple of kids who mocked her...she's also the take no shoot type so I had to endure her trying to get an apology out of them. Net result..earache for is kids...fark em...though not in a Saville kind of a way.


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I couldn't give a shiny brown one with glitter sprinkles what people think of my shoe choice. The only trainers I have are Asics and about 10 years old from when I was able to run and did buy them for function over form, they have no stylistic redeeming features but are tremendously comfortable things to put my feet into.


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Not being ridiculed for my choice of trainers, but I'm with you on the reduced price front, all my trainers are old top end models bought at a substantial reduction, I even have a pair of brand new Sidi Dominator 5's that I picked up for £60.00 delivered, they were too small for the guy who bought them.


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I dont wear trainers But I sometimes wear my 5/10s when walking the dog so I iz cool and down with da kids init..I live 100yds from a very big comp school so you do need to be on it or they will diss you big time man..

few girls were laughing at my border terriers ears a while back ,they were just bobbing up and down as dogs ears do ..but the thought it very funny, think the dog has got over it now.

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Sellotaping a 3 to a 4 doesn't count!!


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I think the kids were taking the piss out of those trainers because,to anyone under the age of consent, trainers are about as trendy as a pair of wooden clogs.


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Reminds me of a story I once heard about the Fulham (I think it was) fans who for some reason decided Fila was the brand to be seen in, till they went to Loftus Road for a match and all the Rangers fans started singing 'My dog sleeps on Fila, My dog sleeps on Fila, nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah.' The following week all the Fila gear had mysteriously disappeared...
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