Paris-Nice 2021 **SPOILERS**


Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next
Tao for the win.

What happened to Porte? I mean, I know he hit a bottle, but he seemed to ride on for miles afterwards.

And who's supplying these Ineos-leader-seeking bottles? First Thomas, now Porte... both at races with Tao as backup? ;)
Alexis vuillermoz abandoned with suspected broken collarbone after a crash

george bennet now back in the peleton after a crash and a hard enough head impact to split his helmet, didnt see a concussion assessment done.
What happened to Porte? I mean, I know he hit a bottle, but he seemed to ride on for miles afterwards.
From CW site:
Porte got back up and remounted, before climbing off and going to the medical car, grimacing from the fall.

Refusing to quit, he then clipped in once more and rode the next 20km alone before abandoning, just as the peloton had entered the final 10km of the race.

“We start a man down at Paris-Nice today, but thankfully we can confirm Richie Porte suffered no fractures in his crash yesterday. He’ll now head home, heal up and get ready to go again,” Ineos said before the start of stage two.

“Nothing broken but I’m out of Paris-Nice unfortunately,” Porte said. “Thanks for all the messages. Feeling beat up and sore but can’t thank the team enough for getting around me.”
It looked like he landed hard (but quite slow speed) on his hip. No ripped clothing.
(I did similar on ice a few years ago, and it really bu99ered up my riding for the following 3 hours. Right as rain in a week.)


Just caught up on the last couple.of stages.Thought Roglic looked good in the TT today.
Good win for Bissegger and EF,first full season as a pro.Ill be honest I'd not heard much about him.
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Hideous helmets at EF. But then the bikes have been hideous for years, so I shouldn't be surprised.
You just can't move with the !
Seems like the race organisers have succesfully swept poor George's concussion under the carpet.

Just a brief mention in the ITV4 coverage yesterday, which basically amounted to Ned Boulting saying how well they checked him at the roadside in 4 seconds flat. (There was no hint of any sarcasm.)

(Sorry - I've already forgotten what happened in yesterday's time trial. I don't recall anyone crashing! )
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