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Hi...don't know if this is the right section but what has happened is,I was waiting for a workmate+friend with car and trailer to pick up fruit machine I was giving him...He parked the car and trailer say three quarters over the yellow line.

I had the fruit machine ready in the doorstep and there were three of us to escort it to car 50 yards away around the corner.

When we got there,there was already a ticket on the car but there was no way we were more than 5 minutes.

So where do we stand with this?

It isn't my car BTW I just feel sorry for my mate.

As far as I can see the car wasn't parked dangerously or blocking anything and I have no idea where that traffic warden came from.

The normal thing around here though is to park the car in the middle of the road so blocking everything else out...which would have been a good move if I knew this was going to happen.

My workmate took a photo straight away of us loading the fruit machine on the trailer and the traffic warden was still there.Do they get a commission for every car they ticket?


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If it's one of those private companies that the councils sub-contract to then i think they are on pretty aggressive targets. Doubt there's much you can do about it, however annoying it is.


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Loads of information here

Apparently its a myth that you have a few minutes grace to get a ticket / load / un load etc on a single yellow

The ticket can be issued immediately that the vehicle is seen contravening the parking regulations - though the PA is supposed to obsereve before issuing a ticket in the case of loading and unloading - though if there are specific Loading restrictions you are done for anyway.

Seems the PA in question was too hasty in issuing the ticket

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Ok well I have offered to pay £20 towards it...did me a favour helping me get rid of that machine as I have a new one on the way.

No parking spaces round here for car and trailer.Christ that PA should be in the SAS.;)


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When my husband and I received fixed penalty notices for parking our scooters in a car parking space one day, I paid the fines online and then wrote to the Council explaining we hadn't done it deliberately (although I hold my husband very much accountable - it was his suggestion!) and that perhaps they would waive one notice as we had only obstructed one bay and not two.

We were very clearly at fault - the traffic person had taken numerous photographs to prove what we had done. However, I received a lovely letter from the Council saying that on this occasion they would refund both fines and cancel the notice.

So, I think it's best to pay up front and then query, you have nothing to lose.


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Sounds like you got a particularly zealous parking attendant there! I have had a similar thing happen to me on my motorbike - it was a fraction of a tiny smidgin outside the designated motorbike parking bay - and I got a ticket! :biggrin:

On the other hand, I once parked blatantly in the wrong place - double yellow lines in the middle of town and the parking attendant walked up to me as I was walking away from the car and said, "If your car isn't there in the next 30 seconds, then I haven't seen it, right?". :laugh:


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I think the worst thing about parking tickets is the way they make you feel. For me, I felt like I had commited the worst crime possible when I received mine on the windscreen!


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LynnA said:
So, I think it's best to pay up front and then query, you have nothing to lose.

Somewhere on that site I posted a link to advises against this - if you send a cheque then the "case" is conisdered closed.

They suggest appeal first at which point the notice becomes frozen - if the hearing finds against you - then you pay the original fine, not double the amount.

I have no f/h experience of appealing - though have received many parking fines (mainly due to ignorance of many types :o)


My advice would be not to park illegally and, if you do and you get ticketed, to suck it up and pay the ticket.

That's ok, don't mention it. ;)


When a mate got a ticket helping me out I paid the whole ticket. I think it a cheek to only offer to pay some of it.

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Norm said:
My advice would be not to park illegally
Your advice would be irrelevant then, because unless there is more to the story than the OP told us (i.e. loading restrictions) the vehicle was probably not parked illegally
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