Pedals for short people.

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Nosing about I came across this:

Exustar has released a road pedal specifically designed for riders of shorter stature. The company believes that shorter riders, whether men, women or children, are best served by cycling equipment that is sized correctly for them.
Now am I being cynical, or is there a good reason for short people to have special pedals?


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I can't see where they are different from any other pedal of that design. There must be something different or they would not be able to sell them as for shorter riders.
I always thought that you got a smaller frame and possibly shorter cranks to suit your size.
Children don't have special pedals. Only ones to fit their feet. Are they a shorter in length pedal to suit a smaller shoe size?


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Presumably shorter people, unless they are clowns, tend to have smaller feet. I suppose one might say that for optimum effect, the part of the pedal under the ball of the foot should be scaled to that foot - but I would imagine there are only mm in it in most cases.

A decently stiff sole should spread the load anyway, and cleat adjustment should sort the positioning of the foot.

Short cranks, now, that does make sense.

So I think it's maybe a case of something that can be proved on paper, and sold on that basis to people who care enough, but is actually not entirely necessary.

Thinking about it, there ought to be more need for bigger pedals for bigger feet, so that the cleat part adequately supports the large ball of the foot area...
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