Petite bike for a petite lady

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I would try to persuade her to go with a child's bike.
Don't get caught up withthe "children's" tag, not a;; kids bikes are the heavy steel jobs you get from Halfords.

There is a company called Islabikes who make good quality "children's" bikes. However the components, frames and build are as good as you will get on an adult bike.

They are ideal for petite riders.


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Yeah, thanks, we have two Islabikes, and it is one of my missions in life to promote them at every opportunity.

Unfortunately, the lady in question is of the "how much?!?!?" school of cycle purchase.

If only the Subway was a tiny bit smaller.

They don't look that expensive, try pointing out how much she could save by using a bike as a regular means of transport, and it is sooo much more fun than a car:smile:
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