Please recommend me some outstanding fiction books for my christmas kindle

I received a kindle Paperwhite from my son for Christmas, I am not sure if I would have purchased one myself but as its a pressie I am keen to give it a go.

Normally I only ever read non fiction books but fancy reading something exceptionally funny or dramatic for a change. The funniest book I have read is Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe, that was many years ago and one of the few of that genre that made me laugh out loud.

I read Birdsong on holiday many years ago and found it an exceptional read.

I have plenty of time over Christmas to try broaden my literary horizons, your suggestions are most welcome.
Anything by David Mitchell is outstanding (author not bearded comedian!)


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If you enjoyed Tom Sharpe's 'Riotous Assembly' then check out the 15 or so books he went on to write.
I only started reading them because of the cover art by Paul Sample (creator and cartoonist of 'Ogri' in Bike magazine in the 70s/80s) but every one of Tom Sharpe's books are excellent reading.
also have a look at Ian Rankin's 'Rebus' series of books and also his (sadly now demised) friend Iain Banks or his sci-fi alter ego Iain M Banks.

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Clive cussler is a good author, and the jack reacher books are good as well. And amazon have plenty of free books as well. Just choose a genre and see what comes up., some are excellent and even better when they are free.


Three Men in a Boat is very funny. Free too! Have you read Wilt? Tom Sharpe was a very good writer of farce.
I have read two Tom Sharpe books Riotous Assembly and Wilt. Wilt was very good, but RT was outstanding. I will definitely download Three men In A Boat, like you said, its a freebie ^_^
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The Things They Carried by Tim O Brien. It's a set of short stories by a Vietnam Vet, really well written and not all war stories. Very good book but unlikely to be free. I found Iain Banks very difficult to get in to, sufficiently so that I've never tried any 'M' ones and am a bit intrigued in what people see in them. (Have read The Tower and The Wasp Factory that I can remember).


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There are loads for 99p at the moment. Just spent £7 on the next few week's reading!

If you're into crime, the whole Jo Nesbo/ Harry Hole series is outstanding. Look no further.

Or Rebus.

Or Stuart McBride/Logan McRae.

3 outstanding crime series.
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