Polishing aluminium frame ?


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Any tips on how to mirror polish an aluminium MTB frame ?

I have a GT frame already stripped but not polished, and a couple of others that need stripping as well.
Loch side.
Simply strip the paint and polish with an abrasive polish such as Brasso or fancier commercial buffing compound.
You'll get a mirror finish, but it won't last. Aluminium quickly oxidises (and passivates) to a duller colour. To retain a mirror finish you'll have to apply clear lacquer (very quickly) or anodise it.

Keep in mind that some high-end frames are bead-blasted just before painting and should never be sandpapered. This destroys the compressive "skin" created by the bead blasting which strengthens the frame and guards against fatigue.


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Cannondales have a lot of extrusion marks under the paint. It looks ok polished but to get to a true mirror finish would involve removing a lot of metal. Lacquer afterwards to prevent it going crusty from sweat/road salt.
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