Polycarbonate sheet

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A strange one.

The rear window in the Smart car of sexiness is damaged. It's a convertible, and the rigidish plastic window has succumbed to UV, cracked over time, and finally started to split.

Not to worry. I'm pretty handy so will replace it myself. However, it's a 15 year old car and while its otherwise virtually mint (it's only 42k miles), I can't justify spending big moolah to replace the window, especially as I may upgrade to a newer Smart next year.

So, I reckon I can remove the old window neatly and bond a new one on the inside with Sikaflex, the glue of the gods. However, the window is curved ever so slightly along it's 900mm length, so a dead flat panel won't do. I'm thinking of polycarbonate as it's tough and safer for vehicular use than the alternatives.

So, do any of you fine folk know if 3mm polycarbonate will flex slightly (just 5mm from true would do it) along a 900mm length?

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Does your car insurance not include windscreen cover. I assume £50 or £100 excess tops.


What if it breaks?
Will you be able to shift that glue.

Bonded ones simply cut out as its a bit like a mastic joint.
Glue may be a right sod to cut.
Scratched or damaged polly may need replacing?

Just a thought.
Id try a mastic in the best colour for the car.
Might need holding with some tape and straps until set


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Have a look on line at polycarbonate suppliers. Comes in loads of flavours. What about a bit thicker ? I got some cut to size, on line for next to nothing.


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If it's 3mm, I don't think you would have any problem at all bending it over that length. You could always play a hot air gun over it. Anyway, I'm sure @screenman can give reliable advice. He's a professional.
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