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Grant Fondo

Oswalds legs look strangely human?
'Frognado' thats his nickname anyway :laugh:

Accy cyclist

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Very nice, they'll certainly see him coming on these dark nights.

Is this our first glimpse of Jake?
No,i posted a few pics about 6 months ago on this thread, when i last bought him a harness from the same shop View:

.:smile: Yes,he's certainly visible in his new rain coat/jacket. The easier it is to see him,the easier it is to find him when he does his frustrating hiding act behind trees etc while out on walks.
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Pics of my Cocker Spaniel Freya, the one with the toy was taken the day we had her and she had zonked after a mad half an hour as most puppies do.



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Actually, she's a tortoiseshell and white if you want to use the correct term. :tongue: Calico is an americanism. :crazy:

Hope she isn't a "naughty tortie" what with that glower and all... :whistle:
She's a very naughty tortie! Loving or hacking/slashing depending on which second you try to stroke her! She had already had 3 homes by the time we rescued her at 6 months old, but she's settled now and much less naughty than she was!


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