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Prendas Ciclismo jacket

Discussion in 'Clothing, Helmets and Shoes' started by runner, 8 Jan 2017.

  1. runner

    runner Über Member

    Always liked the look of these hand made Italian Winter Jackets made from Gore. They were recently reduced from £125 (which is a tad expensive) to a much more enticing £90. As they are Italian I ordered a medium size and it fits like a glove. There are hardly any left, unsurprisingly, I am tempted to go back and grab the same item in red (the wife is not too happy...why 2 jackets?..she has a point :smile: The Prendas company based on Poole are a great supplier, the item arrived the following day and it is pure luxury. Will take the long commute tomorrow and see just how good the jacket performs!
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