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My Cube Agree GTC Di2 was dismantled, boxed and put in a couriers van today to go back to Cube. I really liked (loved) that bike, but the stupid press fit bottom bracket was squeaking and squealling when I was faced with a hill. I purchased it a the start of May, and it had been back to the shop to have the problem looked at twice.
So the shop in question is Cycle Surgery. They are decent people to deal with, but have needed poking and prodding along the way. I've had to ring up and ask why they haven't replied to emails I've sent etc. It's all a bit of pain really when you spend £2,500 on a bike.
Has anyone else had press fit BB problems? How have people found Cycle Surgery?
I converted the BB30 on my Cannondale to Hollowtech II due to ongoing noise issues, and it's been perfect ever since :thumbsup:

If you Google BB30 problems you can spend the whole weekend reading about problems :sad:

There are claims there was a batch of dry bearings knocking about last year, but IMO the tolerances BB30 works in are too tight. It's designed for pro use, and seeing their bikes are stripped after every race/stage it's not a problem, but for the average Joe BB30 is the answer to a problem that simply never existed, IMO of course.

I love Cannondale, (they invented BB30), but I detest BB30 :cursing:

FWIW Shimano also do a press fit BB set up now, similar to BB30 but it's their own design, and TBH I've not heard about any issues with it so far.
It's Shimano.
Oops, I stand corrected :sad: My mate has the press fit Shimano on his Scott F01L, and touch wood it's been fine.

To convert to HT II involves fitting an adapter sleeve like THIS to the BB, but you'll also need a new chainset as well.

It's a press fit, (and an easy DIY job, I did my own), but if your frame is carbon you need to make sure it's right for you as it's also a permanent fix.

My frame is alu, but I wouldn't change it anyway as it's made my CAAD the bike it should have been from the factory.
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