Pro Racing pub quiz

I had thought about starting this during the Tour but then decided to have another beer instead, but the doping quiz linked by @Slioch has spurred me to start this thread.

There have been quite a few new posters in Pro Racing section of late and I thought it would be good to start a thread that would allow people to post pub quiz-style questions about a Pro Racing and others to either show-off their deep knowledge of the peloton or their deep ability to search google; either way everyone would learn a bit more, and it might actually be a bit of fun rather than the usual tedium of whether Froome looks like an alien or if Quintana would have won the Tour if he'd been a 6 foot Kenyan ;)

I'm not too bothered if the answers are correct either, but it would probably help :laugh:

Answers which provoke argument/challenge are welcome as long as it's kept good-natured.

There is no need to answer correctly before asking the next question so feel free to fire in, as long as you copy the question you are replying to when giving the answer or it might get a bit confusing!

And even if you don't know the answer and it's just a general question, then feel free to ask. But it has to be a question that can be answered and not along the lines of "why do riders form echelons?" as those kind of questions warrant threads of their own...this is more pro racing pub quiz, as per the title.

I'll kick off:

Who was the first North American to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France?


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Greg Lemond I think .
As I'm on line is googling allowed :becool: or have I just cheated . would never had got the answer won't spoil it for others
...either show-off their deep knowledge of the peloton or their deep ability to search google
It would probably be better if not goggle but no reason not to.

Even if, like above, people put forward "Canadian starting with S" replies it might help others get the answer without google...
You need to quote the question you numpty :laugh:
We'll let him off this time ;)
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