Protruding objects from cars


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Reviewing my footage from today, I had a bit of a lucky escape. I filter past this chap with a ladder on his roof rack which over hung his car by quite a bit, looking at the footage it is about 4 rungs. He didn't tie a rag or anything to the end, which is why I didn't really notice it till I reviewed the footage. From my point of view that ladder was as good as invisible and had I decided to filter by undertaking I would of probably have caught it.

I will post up the video tomorrow when I have had chance to edit and render it.

I am just wondering, what is the law regarding overhanging objects like this?


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It's illegal to have protruding loads, especially at sides. If out the rear then it does need to be adequately 'highlighted' - e.g. warning sign.


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sorry fellas, but 3m at front 3m at rear is perfectly legal. anything over 1.5m has to have some warnings, eg hi viz vest / flag.

edit: cock up. 3m front 3m rear is legal. anything more requires written permission from police. owt over 2m needs signs during day and lights at night.
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