Putting cleats on new shoes tips?

My local bike shop (evans) is open you can go in wearing a mask but I didn't buy them from there as all the shoes in my size were sold out so not sure if they would do it for me. I looked at the services offered by the shop and attaching cleats to shoes doesn't seem to be a service they offer?
understood, they might still know something about it & maybe an unplanned walk-in, w/ just questions, would be OK. if you have a decent enough experience & have the shoes/cleats with you, you might be able to ask them to at least do the initial install for a fee?


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They only had ultegra pedals for sale so couldn't buy neither item from them anyway. I will go by the shop once my shoes arrive and ask.
Try for yourself, should be plenty of YT vids?
Do you have a turbo trainer so you can check the set up at home safely?
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