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I'm looking at a 2 man tent that is really quick for 1 person to put up, with as big a vestibule as possible for panniers and weighing 2.5 kilos or less.

I'm going slowly round the twist as the options seem endless, weight seems to be listed easily enough, but erection times are vague at best if the are mentioned at all, very frustrating.

current tent (3man) takes around 15-20 minutes with 2 of us, but I was hoping to go off on my own. I have wonky blood pressure so stooping repeatedly is a problem (get dizzy and keel over or need a long sit down)

any suggestions welcome :laugh:


It is possible I am misunderstanding you so take this post in the best possible meaning. But check out http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/bedrock-p150851.


Any of the geodesic dome tents can be put up in a couple of mins, and do not involve bending down to errect. They can be errected either standing or sitting down.

The pegging out on any tent involves either stooping or crawling from point to point

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I find my LaserLarge is pretty quick to put up - although I'm used to it.

I agree although it can be a bit fiddly feeding the poles through when it's wet until you get the knack!


I've found that Vango have listed an estimated time for their tents;

I also picked up a leaflet from millets that has pitching times so might be worth popping in their or seeing if they have the times quoted on theor website.
Most Hilleberg tents are up in a couple of minutes, Nallo GT might fit your requirements, they are expensive though, but worth it.


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Most Hilleberg tents are up in a couple of minutes, Nallo GT might fit your requirements, they are expensive though, but worth it.
very true my akto is super quick to erect even for a fred like me:biggrin:

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can get one of these up in minutes less than 5 easily as each person can do a different job and not interfere. opening at each end and at each end it can opened either side for changing wind direction, just brilliant! so stable, love mine to bits!!


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the nallos and the hubbas make me sick.

I can't afford one! (unless someone wants to buy me one.. can't see that happening :laugh: )

gonna see about the Banshee 200, looks reasonable, and is about 1Kg lighter than current tent.


if and when money becomes no object, I'll go for a hilleberg Nallo


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Most of the time tents such as the Hillebergs where inner and outer are connected are easiest, even in strong winds.
I have various tents from base camps tents to ultralight backpacking tents.

The absolute quickest for pitching that I have is actually the ultralite one (Mountain Equipment Ultralite 2 (suits 1-2 people 2 only if you are on very close/personal terms with the person). Pitching doddle. 2 straight poles, and 4 main pegs, then a couple along the edges. - Takes maybe 1-2 mins if I am workign on it - It can also be suspended from trees etc... but it has a major drawback for me in that it is only 2/3 season and I would not like to thrown a Scottish Winter at it at all. I have thrown Scottish Summers at it without issue.

My Vango Force Ten Mark 4 (orginal A frame tent rather than the domes the also do now) which we use for base camping takes 1 person maybe 5 mins to erect - but I have litterally been camping in that all of my life (from 5 months old).

My new tent takes about 5-10mins without the footprint (Vango Spirit 200+). We wanted something my other half could sit up in - that is an issue for him, never bothered myself. It has 3 poles that have to be fed through and that is the side that slows things down considerably - though I have no issue with it, I could see someone with blood pressure issues/knee or back problems being much slower.

I guess the most practical advice I can suggest is to go to one of the outdoor 'show' type things where they have the tents up for you to view them. Ultimatley the lighteweigh backpacking tents do seem to be designed to be put up with as few as peg as possible and also very quickly and that may be the best way forward.
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