Rain, Inner tubes & Tyres


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Despite the weather I have been getting out on rides as much as possible (this winter summer won't beat me!).
But to add to the misery yesterday, I was out on a 30 mile recovery ride after wednesday's 80 miler when I got... not one, not two... but three punctures!!! Talk about bad luck!
So I went to my LBS to get some new inner tubes today, and was swayed to invest in some Conti GP four season tyres.
Haven't tried them out yet - I used today's rare good weather to give my bike a good deep clean and service.
Anyone got a set of these?? Any good?
I paid £43 each (with 3 new inner tubes I got the lot for a £100). I know I could have got them cheaper on the internet, but I wanted them for this weekend and afterall it is my LBS!
Having slicks on before in this wet weather I have been slipping a little on corners, and I just haven't had the confidence in taking the corners and decents quickly. Hopefully these will help.
If they fitted them, cleaned n serviced your bike then not bad.
I've had 4 season before and found them grippy, well roling and light and imc robust, having a good p'ture record but I only weigh abou 9.5stone. However, as you've probably found out they are expensive so I've switched, I'm really liking Mitch Krylion Carbons but they are a bit like hens teeth so when they eventually wear out they'll probably be replaced with the successor Mitch Pro 4 Endurance.


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I've got the 4 Seasons and like them a lot - enough so that I am on my second pair. They are durable, handle well and have excellent puncture resistance.
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