Raleigh Chopper with Twist Grip Gears


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I still have a scar on my knee from wheelie-ing my mates Tomahawk and landing the front wheel in a pot hole. Cue a trip to A+E to have (most of) the gravel washed out of the wound. There's still some stuck in there, the bluish shadow made for a nice conversation piece with my daughter.

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I am sure that the Chopper was only made to look at and admire ? and not ride and enjoy. My brother owned one back in the 70`s and I rode it and never felt in control of it. I started my cycling life on a Puch, don`t know the model, back in 1971I think. It was`nt the most glamorous of bikes but it got me around until I took delivery of my first racer in 1972 a Raleigh Olympus. Chalk and cheese springs to mind.


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The first Mk1's had a round knob as it was copied from (correct me if i am wrong) Alan Okleys Ford Granada and later changed to the T handle on the MK2
Not doubting this, but still confused. My understanding is the MKII had the kinked lower seat stays, and as you say had T bar shifter. I've also seen MK1's (straight seat stay) with T shifter, but mostly the knob style. Maybe there was a crossover period where both were available? All sounds a bit pedantic I know.....:banghead:
The cool kids had a Raleigh Arena!
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