1. D

    Brakes and gears

    Hi I’ve got a set of xt m8100 brakes and a set of altus 9 speed shifter I’ve been trying to look but not sure if I’m looking rite but I’m wondering if theys adapter so I can combine to one or do I have to buy a new shifter thanks
  2. Lovacott

    Indexing Your Gears Is a Compromise Rather Than An Absolute.

    After having spent the last year getting to know my gearing and how it works, I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a one size suits all perfect setup. For my ride in and back from work, it's important that I can change down in a flash as the gradients get steeper. A very...
  3. Broughtonblue

    Front gears wont work

    My wife has a giant Sedona se, it's quite old but works perfectly, or so I thought! Just got it out of shed and it wont change on the front gears. The cable hangs loose but the levers seem to work fine, just dont moving anything ! The main spring was loose and could be moved round with my...
  4. C

    Problems moving to higher gears.

    End of last year I bought a Willier Triestino Motirolo off eBay on the recommendation of a friend. It's a fabulous bike and I'm truly thrilled riding it but... The gears are Campagnolo Athena and they are mostly as crisp and slick as I could wish for. However...going to the smallest cog...
  5. A

    Suddenly gears not changing down

    Hi Guys, Before I make things worse :) I thought I would as a quick question here first. Out on a ride yesterday with my wife, her Ridge Back hybrid suddenly would not change down below 5th. If you change up to 6 & 7 it will change down, but not below 5th. I was thinking it cant just be a...
  6. Iorek

    Compatibility between Alivio and Deore drivetrains

    Hello, I am trying to put together a nice set of gears for my new touring/commuting build. The bike will be built by my LBS, but I am picking components and trying to figure out the compatibility between these two groupsets. For my chainset and cassette, I think I would like to with Alivio...
  7. A

    Small question with regards to the gears

    Hi, so recently I have realized that as I try to shift my chain from the small ring to the big ring in the front derailleur a lot of times it does not get to the big ring. However my question is when I try to shift it to the big ring, why it does feel a bit harder to pedal yet the chain has not...
  8. Twilkes

    Big gears on descents

    Threads on gear ratios always tend to have some people saying that it's pointless to have big gears, e.g. a 53 chain ring at the front or an 11 or even 12 sprocket on the back, because when are you ever going to use them on the flat, and if you're going fast enough downhill to be using them then...
  9. T

    Gears & Crankset

    (I must be going mad, thought I posted this already??) Hi All Been away for a few weeks, been down in London but took my bike with me!! Been doing a few things on the bike, New grips (not Ergon), new right pedal. Secondhand Brookes saddle!! Dont know whether its my little legs but I find the...
  10. Phaeton

    Raleigh Chopper with Twist Grip Gears

    Somebody linked me to this Chopper which came up on Fecesbook, but I don't remember ever seeing them with twist grip gear change, the ones we had were a lever on the crossbar.
  11. G

    So many gears, pointless?

    Having made the jump from 8 spd to 11, I'm struggling to see the massive benefit of having more, can someone enlighten me? Both cassettes were of a similar range (11-26) I still don't use the smaller end apart from stopping spin out on drops. Even then, never 11t. Gear changes are smooth but the...
  12. philepo

    Notes on lubrication for internal hub bicycle gears

    Notes on lubrication for internal hub bicycle gears You’ll have to google centi stokes (cSt) and centi poise (cP) and how to convert them! J. Basically there are 2 issues looking at viscosity: 1 a lot of manufacturers state viscosity at 40 C or the use cP and cSt, which are different depending...
  13. M

    Rear gears jumping

    Any thoughts on why my gears are jumping from the lower gear to the next one higher at random times,new bike as well
  14. Ridgeway

    Tri/TT riders low cadence and big gears ?

    I see quite a few of what look like Tri or TT riders when i'm out, always going in the opposite direction of course and more often than not cruising along at an insane pace but turning the pedals real slow, looks like 70rpm (very rough guess but certainly slow). They usually take the flatter...
  15. funk2monk

    Hercules Gears

    I have recently purchased a 1930's Hercules tandem in original condition minus a few parts. I need the rear durallier which are mounted on a plate beneath the bottom frame stay (not on the drop out) however i'm not sure what to look for or what names or manufacturer to look for? Any help greatly...
  16. S

    Hub Gears and Drum Brakes

    Why don’t e bikes come with the above. The weight penalty is not a big issue and sue the minimal maintenance helps?
  17. gazza81

    Trouble with rear gears

    I'm having trouble adjusting my rear gears, I've set the limit screws for the smallest cog and the biggest cog. What seems to happen is with the chain in the smallest cog I change up one Gear to the next biggest cog if it doesn't change i tighen the cable via the cable retention screw. Once it...
  18. Stu Smith

    Help Needed Gears Slipping

    Hi all, Recentley pulled my winter bike back out.. To find the gremlins had been at it. When the bike was put away all was working fine, no problems whatsoever. First outing the gears where slipping. Typical problem I can set it up and the gear change will be fine for the fist 4 cogs and then...
  19. antnee

    Upgrading From 9 gears to 11

    On my Btwin triban 3. I started out with an 8 speed cassette Then changed it for a 9 speed and thats what I'm running with now Though am wondering if I can change to an 11 speed cassette as there is a quite big spacer on the opposite side (between the frame and wheel) Is there any way I can...
  20. S

    Ticking Gears

    You good people usually have the knowledge and I expect it is an easy fix. Had a new cassette fitted by a bike shop prior to bringing my old Allez Sport back to holiday home. Rode it a few times here and constant ticking in various gears and sometimes am having to "re-engage" the gears so to...
  21. KneesUp

    Why won't these (old) gears index?

    The kid's bike is a bitsa bike. She's only recently started using the gears on it, and hence I've discovered they do not index. On closer inspection I thought I'd diagnosed it straight away - I'd inadvertently fitted a 6 speed grip shift (because she likes grip shift) with a 5 speed cassette...
  22. kiwifruit

    Change new gear cable and not shifting up the gears

    This is my first attempt of changing the gear and brake cables on the Canyon. I just doing the index on the rear cassette and the big lever is shifting fine, but the small lever is not making a clicks and not changing gears. If i stop and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes then it works fine again...
  23. stuarttunstall

    Indexing gears..Shimano XT RD-T8000-SGS

    Hi all, I did ask this in one of my other threads but thought here may be a better option,, My Scott Sub Cross 10 is fitted with the Shimano XT RD-T8000-SGS / Shadow Type / 30 Speed derailleur... Today I noticed that when I changed down a gear it worked perfect i.e small to large, but when...
  24. rugby bloke

    Problem with jumping gears

    I ride a 2018 Giant Defy 3, bought new on August and fitted with a Tiagra groupset as standard. Up to yesterday it has run trouble free. On my commute last night the chain started jumping between cogs on the rear cassette, usually down the cassette. The problem seemed to be worse when I put...
  25. B

    lower gears

    im looking at getting lower gearing on my hybrid its got a 26 36 46 front and 11 32 rear I want to go down to a 22 32 44 front and 12 36 rear for loaded touring would a long arm deore rear mech handle a 36 I have a spare acera long arm mech and my current c/set is a 9 speed deore hollowtech...
  26. Dogzodiac

    Jumping gears

    Hi, Recently upgraded to Shimano 105 r7000 about 3 months ago. All fine until a recent ride. Changing gears all seems fine, but shifted down to smallest gears on a long fast stretch of road and then it started skipping or slipping on certain sections of road where it became quite rough...
  27. Simon_m

    Electronic gears

    Hi there, anyone shifted from mechanical to electronic gearing on their road bikes? thanks
  28. tommaguzzi

    automatic gears a bicycle

    I came across this on YouTube. I have never seen one before. fast forward to 18.15 for the gear demo. View: I thought some of you might find this interesting.
  29. Icemanhgv

    Changing gears

    I know about twist grip gears but how many other types of gear changing is there on a trike, im coming from a df which has integrated brakes and gear levers, I've been offered a trike with 27 gears twist grip style bit thus seems a bit much to twist !
  30. Oldfentiger

    Unknown territory and seeking advice (hub gears)

    The Elswick frame has landed, kindly sent to me by @Rusty Nails I’ve already got umpteen steel bikes with conventional gearing, derailleurs etc, so I’m looking to do something different with this one. I’ve had the hankering for a path racer style bike for a while, so this frame could be a good...
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