Raleigh wireless computer....


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Have seen one of these in argos.....seems cheap at 20 quid.

Has anyone tried them?

Any recomendations for a no frills wireless reasonably priced?

Never used one before so dont really know what to look for.


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A link would have been nice martyp, so here.

Seems ok, and worth a try at that price!


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was just about to edit with the link garz but you beat me to it........seems to get good reviews might actually get it today.
I've got that £12 one, had it for around 7 years and its been very good IMO. When the batteries start to go dead it tend to get interference from LED's etc (it stops recording every cycle, so you get a reading of 0-4mph when you freewheeling down hill) That isn't really a problem though as its just a hint to replace the battery. Its been a very rugged computer IME and has experienced all weathers and still come good :-)
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