Real time ethical dilemma.


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We live in London - From midnight Tier 4

No foreign travel allowed from Tier 4

We are due to fly from Gatwick (not in Tier 4) to Madeira on Tuesday.
(Edit: Booked in early Summer, hoping things might be resolved, fully covered by insurance, no financial loss if we cancel because of Tier 4 rules)

We could get a cab later this evening to Gatwick and check into a Hotel till Tuesday morning.

That looks legal.

We have already made our decision.

But what would the panel do?
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I would forget about what is or isn't legal, I wouldn't have even booked any travel, let alone foreign travel, and I would be, and am, staying at home with only my immediate family.


The new variant Covid is a game changer - stay put and keep others safe.
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