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Apologies, can't remember the source of this.

But apparently an annotated copy of the Beveridge report, the foundation of the post-war British welfare state, was found in Hitler's bunker.

My source didn't claim that the annotations were in Hitler's own fair hand, but apparently they included:

"our enemies are taking over national-socialistic ideas’
‘superior to the current German social insurance"
One "source".


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The modern hovercraft was designed in Somerleyton, Suffolk


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In some countries around the world, children normally walk to school, especially in urban areas. Over the years, however, schools have implemented different ways to protect their children during the trip.

In Tokyo, after the area was impacted by tsunamis and earthquakes, children had been asked to wear protective headgear as they go to school and leave for home.


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The first British fighter pilot casualties of the Second World War, happened on this day in 1939, at the Battle of Barking Creek as a result of friendly fire.

Pilot Officer Montague Hulton-Harrop became the first British pilot to be killed in the war, and his Hurricane was the first aircraft to be shot down by a Spitfire.

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Since the very first tour de France in 1903, average speeds of cyclist have almost doubled. The average speeds for the tour of 2003 was 40.94 kilometres per hour compared to 25.67 kilometres per hour in 1903.

The increase in speed is made possible mainly due to the dramatic changes in equipment, diet, roads, training, Tour rules and sometimes even doping.
Were they still riding fixed in 1903?


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If you hang your toilet paper so you can pull it from the bottom, you're deemed to be more intelligent than someone who hangs their toilet paper and pulls it from the top.
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