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Try the search function

Ive always wanted to be first to say that

its up there. No. Right a bit. There. Type in “rear light”. That’s it. Now check “ everywhere”. That’s everything you wanted to ever know about rear lights.


Prefer battery led's (two) for the rear. Easy to carry spare batteries, but if a USB one goes flat you've had it. I know they last a long time, but if you leave it on when at work or if you forget to recharge it, can be an issue.

And always use reflective slap bands on the ankles.


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Cateye Omni 3 or 5. Put a couple on. They run on AAA batteries. A pair of rechargeable AAAs lasts approximately for ever. Disposable ones last a bit longer.

But at the rear, absolutely any old thing will do as long as you have more than one for redundancy. If you insist on USB charge just stick "USB rechargeable bike light" into a search engine. Cateye Orb maybe.


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I got a Knog Blinder mini recently for just under £20. Have been pleasantly surprised by the brightness run time size and waterproofing. It is not a retina burner but plenty bright enough to get you seen.


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Get a German spec one. Not as dramatic as headlights but the lens and low battery warning are worth having.

Whatever you get, prefer to mount it where you can see it without stopping: seat stay or back of rack, rather than under the seat.

Cateye lights are unreliable shoot with a range of incompatible shoot mounts but that may just be my experience.
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