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Does every item of bike-wear need rear pockets?
Do you use the rear pockets of windproofs and waterproofs.
When you have multiple layers on, you do use rear pockets of inner layers?

I always use a bag when I ride, so rear pockets are of little use. In summer, with a race jersey, I use the rear pocket for issues and a map and gloves when off the bike. I can't think of any use for small zippered rear pockets. High chest pockets are much more useful for me, for storing gloves, hat, keys, wallet.
I would love to see more pocket options for outer wear. I think designers are a bit lazy and automatically put rear pockets on all bikewear, as a badge of bike-usage.

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Front pockets were once the norm on cycling jerseys. Indeed, the first one I owned (Donated by a club mate as it had out of date colours) had such a feature. I never used them as it made the jersey feel uncomfortable.


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Mainly I keep my spare layer/waterproof/buff in there so I have some flexibility in clothing if the weather changes. But the main reason I buy cycling jerseys with rear pockets is 'cos they always have them! I always like to wear cycling-specific jerseys because, being quite tall, normal cut shirts always ride up and expose my lower back (and possibly worse).

I do like jerseys with breast pocket for a small credit card wallet, and a couple of notes.

I try to keep hard/lumpy things like phone and keys along with my tools in a bag (handlebar or saddle wedge). Mainly for comfort but I've also read that there's a chance they could cause injury if I fell off.


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I find that stuff in front pockets gets in the way, especially when I'm down on the drops.

Mind you, the only time Mrs Gti ever called me on my £2.99 cycling phone, my cycling buddy and I though the sound was farm machinery somewhere behind us and ignored it. I've changed the ringtone to the William Patel Overture at full volume now.


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I can't bear having anything even slightly hard or sharp next to my lower back (big scar after surgery) so I only ever rarely use rear pockets, maybe for a pack of tissues, and certainly not with much stuff. Everything goes on the bike


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After I've been out riding, I'm constantly trying to put my items into the back pockets of normal clothes.

I only use the "top" layer pockets, so it is useful that everything has rear pockets above base layers, including a jacket.


I've changed the ringtone to the William Patel Overture at full volume now.
That sounds interesting. Some kind of Bangra remix?

I use and like rear pockets and always have them in the same order. Food on the right, pump and a Lezyne caddy sack with tools and my phone in the centre and rain jacket/gilet on the left. Tube, patch kit and leavers are in a small posterier man satchel (saddle bag).


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If it's raining, I tend to wear a pocketless thermal or wickable Base Layer under a waterproof with a back pockets.
Otherwise, I try to wear only one layer. A good warm soft-shell in winter or a jersey suitable for prevailing conditions. All of these have back pockets.
Strong plastic bag with phone, Oyster pouch containing money & cards, keys goes in the right rear pocket.
Mini pump and zip up bag with 2x tubes, levers, multi tool, patches, cart & inflator goes in the middle rear pocket.
Cereal bar for emergencies goes in left rear pocket.

Nowt goes on the bike these days, except a bottle. Commuting I carry it all in the backpack. The above config is for weekend / leisure-pleasure rides :smile:
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