recommend me a flask


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i currently have an asda s/s. it just doesn't keep the water hot long enough, i think it's because i keep it in an outside pocket of my bag. it takes me 90 minutes to commute in.

does anyone know of either a s/s one that will keep contents boiling hot for more than 6 hours


a robust glass type. i'm paranoid about it breaking. if it broke it would be a complete disaster and trash everything in the bag (even tho the pocket is on the outside)


has anyone got experience of the jetboil system?


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Google Zojirushi flasks. I've had one for years and it's near bomb proof.

Good on a budget..

IF you ensure to put the lid on tight. If you don't, they are crap and cool within a few hours - if you do (and I mean give it a good nip up) then they are amazing.

I had cause to test one, I pre-warmed the flask with boiling water (always the best way to stop the contents cooling straightaway), emptying then filling with fresh boiling water and leaving. over 24 hours later - and more like 36 hours - doing the highly scientific "dip finger in" test I had to take my finger out of the water after about 3-4 seconds.

But, you do need to screw the lid TIGHT

Ste T.

Tescos flask

Tescos do an own brand stainless steel job, half litre, with the added advantage that it fits neatly into one of your bottle cages. £3.00


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Jeeze! Do you guys also carry a folding chair and table?


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The lifeventure mugs don't fit bottle cages. They are too narrow and only hold enough for one drink. In fact they are useless for bike use.

Mine is sh1te!

Being a man I like to have a man sized drink not something I'd give to my 5 year old nephew. They are like baby mugs with the built in straw on top :smile:


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bromptonfb said:
tried google and they look great but can't find any for sale in the uk. where did you get yours?

Sorry for the delay in getting back.

I got mine from John Lewis (in store). I've just popped over to their site for a quick look and they don't stock the brand anymore. Mind you, they did have some other very nice looking stuff.

I've also had a look around for the insulated mug I use at work (Oswald Bailey) and that's not available anymore either.

Next time I make a recommendation I'd better check the stuff is actually available.



I've got a Thermos food flask. It keeps my food hot all day. I wrap a bit of tin foil over the lid too. It might be just psychological but it seems to keep the food hotter (my theory being that the heat escapes from the lid so I'm reflecting it back in, a bit like people putting foil behind/above radiators).
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