Recommend me a pasword manager....or not.

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Recently discovered there have been data breeches of a couple of my passwords by checking on, it can also check email addresses and is a trusted site.

What are the CC church's thoughts /experiences of password managers?

Recommend or not, free or paid for?

Over to you.

Many thanks.

ETA I would need to sync across Android, Windows and Linux (Lubuntu) devices.
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Fundamentally, the answer is “yes”.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) explain why much better than I could.

As for which one to use - lastpass (free version) is as good as any.


If not protected my a strong password then yes. Before keychain came along I used last pass free version found it to be fine. Firefox have a password manager built in. Not used it but maybe worth a go.


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I use keepass which is free, keeps a local encrypted copy and which you can synchronise across devices via Dropbox if you need to.
Another vote for keepass & it was recommended to me by our sysadmin which is good enough for me
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