Recommend me some rim tape

Couple of punctures caused by rim tape not fully covering one of the spoke holes. LBS has run out.

Rims are DT Swiss RR411 marked 622x18mm. They've got asymmetric drilling, not sure if wider tape needed as a result.

Currently a folded £10 note is protecting the tube...

I am completely ignorant of all things rim tape.


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Can I just be the first to say 'Velox'? No doubt I won't be the last.


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What sort of a LBS runs out of rim tape !!!
I would say "Velox !" to them.
I bought my last tapes when I bought my alloy wheels from Bankruptbikeparts ... Always helpful.
If you find proprietry makes too narrow - A couple of spaced layers of electrical insulating tape should do the trick.
First job .... Go all round your wheels and feel every spoke location.
Make sure that any sharp points are filed or ground down.


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The Shwalbe one it's really good thick plastic.
Electrical tape... I have done it but would go for the real thing given the choice.
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Rim tape marked as 'tubeless' tends to be thicker, so I would be tempted by that.

As regards self-adhesive, some bodge tape with thin fibres in it ought to do a good job although you might have to do a fair bit of cutting and trimming.


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Velox is good, but an appropriate width of gaffer tape works well too. I've got a big roll of 15mm iirc and it's proving very useful.

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I've used a couple of wraps of insulation tape in the past. Worked just as well as proper rim tape and no need to go to the shop.
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