Reporting mobile use while driving

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Twenty Inch, 4 Mar 2010.

  1. Sixmile

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    N Ireland
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  2. david k

    david k Hi

    North West
    Don't report it whilst driving, wait until you stop ^_^
  3. sheddy

    sheddy Guru

    Hertfordshire Police policy is to just send offenders on a one day course.
    Your chance to have a say
    (comments box at the end of online survey)
  4. Tom B

    Tom B Über Member

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  5. Lonestar

    Lonestar Veteran

  6. dhd.evans

    dhd.evans Über Member

    Local rag picked up my video today. Wasn't asked for permission or comment mind...
  7. Jackmaster

    Jackmaster Regular

    So isn't your name David Evans as in the article?

    I saw a sign the other day saying you get 6 points now if caught. Is this true? See 100 people a day on their phones whilst driving. If I do why on earth can't the police or the CCTV that our country is full of?

    I live on a road with a slight hill and a speed camera halfway down. 3 sets of lights 3/4 of a mile apart. Average speed has to be 40 MPH on the road at least. In a built up area so 30.

    Bizarrely we have a dual carriage way that was 60 for years which has now been strangled and reduced to 40. Funnily enough the majority abide by this even though there is 0% of people crossing it as it isn't built up and no pavements!!

    I'm a cyclist and a motorist. Never ceases to amaze me how many drivers are complete idiots racing to the next set of lights and how much effort it must take to indicate or switch on lights when conditions dictate!
  8. GuyBoden

    GuyBoden Fat, old bloke, on an old bike, pedalling slowly.

    A construction company pickup driver slowly pulled out of a quiet side street T-junction without looking, while reading texts on his mobile. I had to swerve to avoid him, I was so annoyed I called him a F...cking idiot at his window, he drove on undeterred. I wouldn't be surprised if he did it on purpose.
  9. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    A Foxtrot India would probably be a promotion for him.
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  10. Vantage

    Vantage The dogs chew toy

    How easy it in your areas to report crap/selfish/dangerous driving?
    I ask because a few months ago whilst on my way to pick up miniV, some bellend was driving literally inches from my rear mudguard.
    GMP take reports of this nature via Operation Considerate. My attempt to use it to report the incident left me so infuriated that I simply gave up. The difficulty in editing a specific form in order to be filled in and sent back to them in particular had me swearing.
  11. glasgowcyclist

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    There's no online option up here. If it's a bad enough incident I'll burn footage to DVD and hand it in, along with a covering statement, to my local police station. I also keep a copy on my iPod so I can show them at the time, rather than them having to wait until they check the DVD.
  12. Lonestar

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    Seen mobile use quite a bit recently from cyclists/motorists/pedestrians.Obviously people put personal and other peoples safety right down the pan.
  13. benb

    benb Evidence based cyclist

    Are you suggesting pedestrians shouldn't use mobile phones?
  14. 50K

    50K New Member

    one experience I had with a hampstead bored housewife in a landrover explorer (5 mins late taking kids to school) was a cut up at a bollard pinch point, luckily I managed to catch her in bumper to bumper traffic halfway up the hampstead hill, knocked on her window and she almost shat her pants (as she was facebooking at the time and must have thought I was a cop). So I told her where she was wrong, her repy was ''Well, I'm in the car, you are on the bike - You Be Careful!'' and shot off once the traffic had moved on ... Thats the attitude of some of these B**ches. Damn I wish I had that recorded ...
  15. Drago

    Drago Soiler of Y fronts

    Not when crossing the road etc.
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