Reporting mobile use while driving

Discussion in 'Commuting' started by Twenty Inch, 4 Mar 2010.

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    Walking my dog the other afternoon I saw a woman pull out of her drive, youngster in the front seat next to her, another on the back seat, as she held her mobile up to her face talking, why couldn't she just have her conversation before she drove off - probably because she knew she had a 99.9% chance of not seeing a policeman at any time during her journey. In my last 2 years of regular cycle commuting (admittedly on "earlies" it would be around 5:30 am) I saw no more than half a dozen Police vehicles (and one of those managed to close pass me on an A road with a 50mph limit!).
    I was really gutted when my headcam failed to pick out clearly the bus driver looking down at his mobile (clearly texting) as he approached a staggered cross-roads and about to turn right across the traffic:headshake:
  2. Twice this week. I have had to shout at cyclists riding along the cycle path towards me to stop them riding into me. Texting whilst riding. Both times riding with no hands on the handlebars.

    Its not just car drivers you need to look out for.
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    CS 2 and CS 3
    Yeah get that on the CS 3 all the time.The most classic one was an idiot Boris Biker using her phone coming the opposite way by the mosque place with a BMW driver mixed up in it doing a right turn and the cyclist in front of me having to brake with me having three things to concentrate on.She will never know how near she was to causing an accident.Too bloody ignorant and selfish.
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    The worst thing about all this is that the perpetrators don't believe that they're doing anything wrong because that 'phone call / text is SO IMPORTANT it just can't wait.
    It won't be until they cause a serious injury / death as a direct result of their action that they even then, MIGHT consider that what they did was open to criticism.

    Sad, but true I'm afraid - !
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  5. Lonestar

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    CS 2 and CS 3

    I know people are pretty thick sometimes but this is just plain ignorant if it was true.I find mobile phones so unsociable at work and generally it's the same people blabbing on them all day,Still not all my work colleagues are like this.
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