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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by paulmad, 14 Aug 2012.

  1. paulmad

    paulmad Active Member

    thinking of buying one of these from edinburgh bike coop. would like your opinions whether the cross sport is worth £120 more. revolution cross
    • Lightweight 7005 aluminium frame and rigid steel fork.
    • Eyelets front and rear make it easy to fit mudguards and rack if required.
    • Maxxis Raze 700x35 - a cyclo-cross racing tyre with a fast-rolling centre ridge and widely spaced side lugs to shed mud. Its slightly softer compound remains pliable in cold conditions. Its stout casing helps maintain integrity at low pressures.
    • Shimano STI 2303 Dual Control levers deliver perfect gear shifts via a nudge of the brake lever.
    • SunTour chainset with 28/38/48t rings and Shimano 8-speed cassette with the 11-32 cogs deliver a wide range of gears.
    • Higher geared than an MTB 22/32/42 chainset for a faster turn of speed on the road.
    • Tektro cantilever brakes work well and offer tons of clearance for fitting mudguards.
    • Gel-padded cork tape make the bar tops even more comfortable for resting your hands on as you cruise along.
    • Weight: 12kg / 26.5lb (based upon weighing one example of this bike. We weigh the whole bike as you would receive it with pedals reflectors and bell - items many bike companies remove before weighing their bicycles. Weights can fluctuate between different sizes and builds so please regard our published weights as a useful guide.
    Upgrades over Revolution Cross ( cross sport )
    • With its double-chainring compact 36/46 FSA Verso chainset, its improved Shimano Sora 2x9-speed gear shifting and its tighter 11-25 cassette (compared with the standard model's 11-32 cassette) this is a lighter weight, more sporty version of our Revolution Cross.
    • Approx Weight: 11.3kg / 25lb. 1.5lb lighter than the cross. dont think will make any difference to me. but dont understand difference in gears. thanks in advance
  2. wheres_my_beard

    wheres_my_beard Über Member

    Go for the Sport. It sounds like you should go faster.


    Also the gearing is better, so you will actually go faster, in theory anyway. My bike came with the same chainset (FSA Vero Compact - 2 chainrings, less fapping about between gears, or dropping the chain), which on the bike manufacturers website came with 36/46 teeth, but actually comes with 34/50 (as per FSA's website), which is great for flats and hills too. The Sora levers aren't too shabby either.

    You will get a slightly better bike if you are happy to spend slightly more within the same range, but you still have to peddle it, so don't get too hung up on the details, unless the Sport Pro Elite XL Plus comes with a discrete 50cc engine.
  3. DougieAB

    DougieAB Getting the messages

    I have been riding the Revolution Cross since May this year, use it as my commuting bike but have used it on several 40 milers and have not found it wanting on either the hills or flatter roads. Has a good turn of speed on the flats and enough gears to allow you to pedal down all but the steepest hills. Used it on offroad country paths as well. Fitted black mudguards and black accessories so it looks rather cool (in my opinion!) Get a test run on both bikes and then decide if you want to spend the extra cash.
  4. OP

    paulmad Active Member

    thanks,dont mind spending the extra,as long as its worth it
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