Ribble R872


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bargain. it's a great frame; I've got one with campag centaur that cost not much less.

even if you have to upgrade the wheels or finishing kit, it's a great price...


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I read the 872, Blanco (Bianco ?), Stealth and Sportive Racing are much the same frame, geometry etc, I dont know if thats true...
If they are, the Sportive Racing/Veloce has been very good for me, no complaints.
The Rodi wheels are heavy, I did read theyre quite strong, but definately heavy. Out of the box mine did run very very smoothly. I didnt use them though I already had my Fulcrums to put on.
The Superleggera saddle is very basic and not particually comfortable.

A thought...personally I think I'd rather have a good non electronic groupset then spend the saving on better wheels and saddle. Di2 wouldnt be the primary thing for me. JMO.
No problem with the basic setup though, also be aware its only got a 2 year frame guarantee unless somethings changed recently.


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Really thinking about getting this bike as everyone I speak to say it's a cracking deal, what frame size would I need I am a shade under six foot.
i used their bike sizer on the site and it worked for me…
This. Used it for my husband and it was spot on.


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But on the guide I used for my oh you also needed inside leg measurement without shores etc, how do we know that from a shasde under 6 foot? Obviously not aimed at you, you understand...
Compact geometry & they use an effective top tube sizing so the 52.5 is = to a Large or 57/58 cm size.

Considered one myself once before getting something else.
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