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Anyone had issues with Ribble service.

I ordered some new wheels from them last week.

They were shown as available and in-stock but according to Ribbles order tracker the order has sat "awaiting picking" since Monday morning. They reckon on 2-4 days delivery (they dont offer next day on wheels), which to me indicates they should have been despatched yesterday.

They don't look to have taken the cash yet, but if I'd thought I wouldn't have the wheels for this weekend I'd have ordered from Wiggle.

They dont seem to want to answer emails, and all I get on the phone is "We are not offereing a phone service today, please try tomorrow".

Not my idea of good service so far.


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one of the worst IMO


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Ive bought from them in the past, came the next day. Even left instruction with the courier to call me on my mobile so I could go home from work to collect it from him.


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Ordered some bits from them Monday - all of which were in stock. Just had e-mail to say they despatched today (Thursday)

Certainly seem to be getting slower. Always used to get stuff from them 2nd working day after order.


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Wheels and frames do tend to take longer to arrive, about 6 working days IME.

This is what the sacrifice you make for ordering online - the extra money it costs in an LBS gets you the customer service it seems.


I gave up using ribble about 10 yrs ago due to these sort of problems, then last year started with them again ( they're so cheap ) and have found them to offer very fast delivery. And did I mention how cheap they were? My only gripe is they don't offer a parcel/order tracking service and don't keep you informed of progress. Otherwise I'm well pleased.


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User269 said:
My only gripe is they don't offer a parcel/order tracking service and don't keep you informed of progress.

They do though. They tell you the "progress" of the order and supply the tracking number for Parcel Force when the stuff is despatched.

Obviously if only buy cheap stuff then it's sent with standard RM 1st class and you won't get a tracking number for that anyway.
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