Richard 3rd 100 mile fixed gear ride

This one will be a touch easier than the last one we did to Grafham Water last year at the same time. Looking at the weekend 9/10th May, happy to do either date though Sunday will be a bit quieter. A chance to join the 100 fixed club, we all stick together, no one gets dropped.


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Count me in. I don't mind which day.
It's my birthday weekend, what better way to celebrate.
I'll try not to bring the Cumbrian sunshine with me this year:rain:
Excellent, look forward to seeing you again, Sunday is probably the better day but if anyone struggles with that, no problem with Saturday, let's wait and see.
My new [old] fixed is ready to ride, still needs a few bits replacing but these are minor, I built the front wheel myself and the last time I did that was about 9 years ago so a tad nervous to see how it goes, test ride tomorrow on spd pedals, waiting for Keo clones to arrive. It is now my best bike, it won't feel like my best bike until I have broken in the new Brooks saddle. The paint still needs a bit more work but I have refined a method for dealing with the small chips and scratches. Will post a picture up tomorrow.

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@dave r

Very sadly 4F cannot make it :sad:, so calling @colly, even numbers are better obviously so we need one or three or even 5 more.
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