Ride 40 miles with Joanna Rowsell

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It is not on closed roads so you could just tag along foc. :whistle:
tell you what, you can ride with me for £100
Ok I'm sold. Send me the £100 and I'll ride with you.


Norven Mankey
I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable with these sort of events. The fee is £400 and it's being run by a charity called Action Medical Research. But I can't find anything that tells me how much of the £400 fee goes to cover the costs of the event, how much to Joanna Rowsell, how much to actually fund the charity's good works.

Now I would hope the answer is "a lot" goes to the good works. But I can't see anything that tells me this

Also, why are they using pictures of her at the top of Cragg Vale in Lancashire to promote a Surrey event?


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I have nothing against this in principle, I've done something similar myself, twice, with Jens Voigt. Important differences, though. Those rides were organised by a friend of the man himself and staffed by volunteers, the £100 fee pretty much all went to charity (the first year raised £10,000, the second £8200), and there were a maximum of 100 riders on each. Jens was no less generous with his time and each time has also brought a bag full of team kit, much of it custom and/or personalised, that was then auctioned on eBay to further aid the charities. Oh, and last year's ride was three days after he got the hour record, and he was still hurting.....
Suffice to say, I feel very happy to have stumped up the dosh and would unreservedly recommend it to anyone (Jens was hoping, with a bit more time on his hands, to make it bigger and even better). Whereas Ms Rowsell's ride unfortunately smacks of the all-too-common charity business model, with the emphasis on business.
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