Rise Above: A Cav branded sportive


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185km route: :eek:

He's got a cruel streak in him, that Cavendish!


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I've signed up for the 185km one. It's a great looking route.
Not done more that 75 miles before, hope I dont live to regret it........


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I heard from a reliable source today that one climb, at about 90miles up moel famau is an absolute killer too.........
I signed up to the 185k route today - agreed that Pen Barras at 90 miles looks pretty fearsome. The course practically goes past my front door so I will training on every part of it.


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Hi all I have signed up for the 75 miler and I was after any information on the kind of gradients likely to encounter on horseshoe pass etc. I live Chesterfield edge of Peaks so hills are everyday occurrence but never rode in Wales before.

Thanks for any help.


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@Stockie Not sure how The Brewer can say this doesn't look too bad - it's a pretty tough route, especially the 185km (nothing with over 9,000 feet of climbing is ever going to be easy?!). You'll have done plenty of climbing by the time you get to the Horseshoe Pass. Marford Hill is nothing more than a little kick up and should warm the legs up nicely. The first proper climb of the day is the one up to Cymau - it's not long at 3/4 of a mile, but pretty steep and is used by a local club for a hill climb. Between here and the Horseshoe Pass is very up & down, but nothing in particular to worry about. The Horseshoe itself isn't too bad either - a steady 5 or 6% for around 3 mile - sit down, grind away and you should be fine! It's the climb up the Moel Famau old road (Bwlch Penbarras) which is the real killer, especially for those on the long route, as it comes after around 90 miles and is STEEP! If you can find it on Strava, it's quoted at 1.4 miles and 11.2%, but it levels off slightly after the hairpin and is considerably steeper leading up to it! It will all be well worth it though, and it will be an amazing ride - the scenery around here is stunning and fingers crossed, in August the weather should be good too. In fact, I think I've just talked myself into it! ;-)
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