Road bike Racers!


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Is it just me, or do you guys get this as well. Someone sees you on a road bike, and automatically thinks "I'll have him". Was cycling home after a nice little ride. When some guy comes shooting past me on his hybrid. I can see what he is thinking, he checks over his shoulder a good 5 times before turning left, and im sure i saw a grin on his face.

30 seconds later i catch up with him, go to over take and a blodey 4x4 comes the other way, drop behind, then try again. This time a flippin' virgin engineer runs in front of me. (All along the same road). I go to give it one more try but he shoots left at a junction which i have been hit at before. I'm not suicidal so i just let him go.

TBH i caught him up 2x very easily.

That aside, so does anyone else get that, you ride a road bike so every other cyclist thinks "I can beat that"


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I do it to any cyclist I see not just road bikes. The reason is simple, its to give myself a burst workout and to see how long I can maintain high speeds before hitting the wall.


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Beside the road
Fancy being passed by a hybrid. ;)

Under commuter racing I think you helped improve his total for that day.

Never forgot being passed by a MTBer when I was on a time trial bike doing a time trial!
In my defence it wasn't my bike, it was the first time I had ridden with a disc wheel and I was having more than a little trouble staying upright because of the wind.

Dan B

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Touche said:
When they pass you sit up and act as though you are intending to be just bimbling along.
When you pass them, sit up and act as though you are intending to be just bimbling along.

Sam Kennedy

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I'm on a road bike, if anyone sees me, I'm gone :sad:


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South Croydon
Everyone was out to get me today. Mostly due to no bags and team kit = fcn 1
it did mean I posted the fast avg speed to work for a while!


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I once burned off a roadie on my MTB with slicks fitted - the bloke had slowed for traffic lights so I pounced, as I passed him he missed a gearchange and I heard him muttering "shoot! shoot! shoot!" to himself. There was a massive sprint then as he tried to get past me but after half a mile I reached my destination and turned off.


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I always take great pleasure in passing roadies when I'm riding my MTB, I'm not fussed either way when I'm riding my commuting road bike but when I'm riding my carbon road bike I feel that I have to look the part by riding as fast as I can, so if anyone passes me, it's war. :sad:

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Norwich, Norfolk
Hmmmm....been a guilty but in reverse, i ride a Claud Butler tourer for my commute naughty i know but i just love to blast past guys on their hybrids.
Must be a male thing or something!


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I feel guilty doing so, but I try to overtake everyone I possibly can... including the guy with a rusty wheel (or two, what with it being a bike), literally no air in his tyres, and a chain so slack and stretched that it must fall off every rotation.

not that the above takes much effort when you're a 19-year old whippersnapper on a "top of the range" road bike. (carrera virtuoso)
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