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This questions brought about by a couple of weeks cycling the new Sheffield inner relief road. A marvellous piece of engineering which appears to be faster by bike than car.:biggrin:


anyone out there able to answer this?

The blacktop tarmac seems to be laid continuously. I guess we’ve all seen this being fed out of the back of the machines when a roads being resurfaced.

On this new road system the cycle lanes are red. This surface appears to be laid in 1-2 meter sections, which overlap. Therefore you’ve got cars with their fat tyres and computer modelled suspension on smooth roads and cycles on effectively a rumble strip. Keeps me off them.

Why can’t this be smooth?


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On the subject of red paint on roads - I've seen double red lines in Solihull, W.Mids. What do these mean? It probably means I need to gen up on the highway code...

Those wacky Sillhillians!
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