Robust Tyre Levers

Any recommendation from my fellow self-spannering types for robust tyre levers? I used to rate the park tool brand, who generally make good stuff, but I've had one too many of their blue plastic ones snap on me. I always carry a spare with me just in case, but I've lost trust in the product now. Maybe it's user error, but they should be strong enough to get on a tight rim/tyre combo and maybe outlive a rim which they haven't yet. I hear metal levers can pinch tubes, but don't know how true that is. I think it might just be a material limitation of plastic and not much to do with the construction method.
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I use metal levers wrapped in tape to prevent rim damage.

Kackhandedness pinches tubes, not one type of lever in particular.


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VAR tyre tool,



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I've got some that came free with a magazine. I can't remember what magazine but they are ace. They look a bit like the Pedros ones @Gravity Aided posted above.

Mind you, my combination of rims/tyres is not problematic. They come off easily and don't need levers to put on.
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