Rubbish chat up lines


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A mate of mine saw a girl at the bar with quite thick glasses on and said
"you must have some f***in good eyesight to be able to see through them" and ended up having a few dates with her :blush:
Jacomus-rides-Gen said:
To return to topic, my housemate just told me a line she had used on her on Friday night.

Guy: *smiles*, "Hi"

Girl: "Hi?" (A little drunk and trying to work out if she knew him)

Guy: "I bet you get quite a lot of guys trying to get in your knickers on a night out..."

Girl: "Umm..." *prepares to depart*

Guy: "Personally I think thats rubbish, I'd much rather get in your pu$$y and leave everyone else fumbling around your knickers."

Surprisingly enough, it didn't work!!
The best response to "I'd love to get in your knickers" type comments is "I've already got one peanut in my knickers, thanks". Classic.


Started young, and still going.
Used on me by a girl I met at a party in mid june about 27 years ago. "I didn't know you at christmas, so you owe me a christmas kiss". Worked for me. Saw her a few times after but then she must of used the same line on someone else.:smile:
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