Rucksack Vs Panniers

What do you currently use for carrying your gear for work

  • Panniers

    Votes: 34 47.2%
  • Rucksack

    Votes: 31 43.1%
  • Tesco bag for life (because your hardcore)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 7 9.7%

  • Total voters


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I currently use a rucksack for my 22 mile commute and my back can get a tad on the old sweaty side! When I go a week or so without commuting(Due to the Misses shifts) it can take a few rides before my back stops feeling like I have been hit with a hammer!!!! I was considering jumping into the pannier side of cycling I found a set on Ebay for £17.99 and I dont have a clue about racks but this one from Tesco seems to get decent reveiws What do you guys and gals think? I currently commute on a Boardman Team CX already set up with mud gaurds. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Made the switch to panniers a couple of weeks ago and I don't think I'll ever go back. I wrote a quick review of my rack and bags here:


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I use a (cycling specific DHB) rucksack but much prefer to have rack and panniers.
Reason I use rucksack is that my current bike is a disc braked road bike and putting a rack on the back will mean having to get one of those horrid wide racks to clear the disc brakes of which will ruin the aesthetics of a lovely bike. So rucksack and sweaty back it is.


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Aiden, I think those Tesco seat post mounted racks are a bit flimsy. You run the risk of them slipping sideways and the downward loading is a bit limited IMO.
Have a look at the Topeak racks:
They are a bit pricey but worth the extra money IMO always assuming you have the mounting holes on your seat/chain stay joint.

I've used both rucksack and panniers. They both have their pros and cons but I think panniers are probably my favourite as I can carry more when I need to.
Some say that a rucksack makes you a bit more aerodynamic but I'm not sure. In hot weather over some distance you do get a sweaty back, even with a quality sack. Panniers may slow you down a little more (not sure) but they are certainly more comfortable.


Panniers for me. You can store every thing. Waterproof's. Tool kits. Change of clothes for work and still have room for your shopping from your local bike store and much more stuff so yes pannies.


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I'm surprised you think anyone notices or gives a toss :laugh:
^ This :thumbsup:
Load of tarts :rolleyes:


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Panniers every time.

Not only do rucksacks lift your t-shirt up, panniers and a rack are far more versatile. I switched last year and I haven't ridden with a backpack since. That and you can carry more :biggrin: The only downside to panniers is you have to leave them on the bike, although I cable lock them through the carrying handles and my lid to my frame then through the post.


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I use a small Keter top box for work, but also have panniers if I need more capacity.

Aside from sweatybackitis, I wouldnt want to fall off and have something solid in my sack (oo-Er!) damage my spine.


Rack and mounted bag combo. A Topeak bag with integrated panniers if I need to use them but can zip them into the sides of the bag if not. I use mostly two standalone Altura panniers for the 'more to carry' days. With the bag on top with my usual commuting stuff. Would never go back to a rucksack except perhaps a hydration pack but I've never used one of those anyway.


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I moved to panniers , got a 'big daft thing' and a single side one which is what I mainly use (d , since I changed jobs and drive :sad: )..

all from aldi/lidl so that if I didn't like it, i wouldnt have wasted so much :smile:
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