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Whenever I'm out on my bike I will always say hello, wave or nod my head to all fellow cyclists, but I'm amazed by just how many don't even give you a glance. It used to anger me but now I just laugh to myself and think 'how rude'. Don't get me wrong, it is only the minority who are rude, as most cyclists are a happy bunch who love to chat and share their tales of the road. I appreciate being in the 'zone', especially if training for an event, but come on guys a wave or a nod lets you know that we are suffering together B-)


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This topic comes up quite regularly and we'll no doubt see it again soon as the weather cheers up and everyone starts dusting their bikes off and getting out in the lovely spring weather. Personally I don't mind - some people don't feel riding a bike makes them part of any particular group, they just use it to get from A to B; others are head-down working hard and focused on their training; others still will smile, wave, nod (or all three) and will do so regardless of the bike you're on or the kit you're wearing. I ceratinly don't worry about it if I nod or smile and don't get a response.

Whereabouts do you do the bulk of your cycling?
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To be fair, the OP is a new member so has probably not seen the many, many previous posts on the same subject
And he hasn't been seen since he started the thread on Sunday. He must be hiding in deep despair at not being waved at.

But here it is anyway

To the OP, as you may have gathered, this is a topic that has been done to death. Just enjoy your own cycling and forget about anyone else, if someone doesn't wave or reply, then so what, no biggie, don't let it get you down.


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I will some of the time, other times I'm lost in thought or concentrating on the road conditions. I have succeeded in getting a few regulars that I meet to return my good morning. If they don't reply then they aren't rude just not saying hello to me.

The rude ones are the ones who on a busy cycle path overtake you or the cyclist coming towards you when there wasn't enough time/space forcing someone else to have to brake etc.


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I exchange 'good mornings' with the lollipop ladies I pass (the man is an ignorant git who refuses to say 'hi', must cycle.) on my commute in, but don't really have regular cycle commuters on my route. The random ones do random things.


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There's one chap who always gives a nod as he passes me going in the other direction, the other 20 or so cyclists I see don't bother. I never initiate but will always respond, and unless I'm in a big hurry to get somewhere I'll always check on anything resembling a stranded cyclist.
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