Rust prevention inside frames


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Does any body with steel frames use rust prevention inside their frames?

If so what do you use.

Thinking of getting a thorn MK3 and wondering if it is worth while using something inside the frame.



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You can get aerosols of "framesaver" for this. Blow it into the small holes you find on most frames near the lugs on the chainstays and forks and down the seat tube, inside BB shell and steerer tube. Any kind of oil or waxoyl would do anyway if you can ensure it gets to where it needs to be.
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I just put a few squirts of WD40 into the holes every six months or so, and stand the bike upside down a few times to spread it around the inside.

I have absolutely no idea if this works or does any kind of good, but all I can say is that I've never had a bike rust through from the inside :okay:. Yet!

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3 in 1 oil, may be better at this than chain lubrication. 3 in 1 was developed to keep spindles in cotton factories from going rusty during shutdown times. I had heard this recommended many years ago. Better alternatives may now exist.

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I've never bothered doing anything to the inside of my Vivente tourer, to prevent rust buildup, and it's still going strong after > 6 years and > 80,000km. I have checked the inside of the bottom bracket shell on those rare occasions I have to replace or just clean the bottom bracket, and I can't see a lot of rust.


Check if Thorn put rust inhibitor inside the frame.
You can get special waxy stuff for bikes. I just use WD40, and it works well on a bike left outside 24/7 in a damp coastal town.
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