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Can anyone recommend a saddlebag for a Brompton? I have the Brompton pouch thing, but it never stays closes and I have lost tyre levers and multi-tool from it.

I just need enough room for an inner tube, levers and multi-tool.
Not a fan of the Brompton toolkit that fits inside the frame?


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I have the Carradice one which seems to have loads of room inside, I can get 2 tubes, rain jacket, rain legs and an A5 notebook in it all with room to spare for other stuff. I use the Brompton toolkit in the frame, but no reason why you couldn't put a 15mm spanner and a few odds and sods in here also. There's a zip under the flap so unlikely anything will bounce out - I'd probably put the tools in a wrap though so they stay together and less chance of rattling :smile:

Doesn't interfere with the fold. There are some different designs (a faded union jack one for example) As shown here:



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With either the stock saddle or a Brooks the loops on the saddle will allow for almost any bag to be used. Or , if you have a bag you like, sew two paracord loops on the top at the same width as the saddle loops. Pass them through the loops and use a bit of bamboo, a dowel or any straight stick to go through the loops and secure the bag. I like having a saddle bag big enough for a bottle, a sweater and maybe a tool roll, say foot long and 8 inches wide and deep. It's fairly aero and since it only is used for light things doesn't affect the handling of the bike. Velo Orange sells some nice creatively inexpensive ones, including a Minnehaha bag that will hold quite a bit. Don't know about your shipping and import costs, though.


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Home Bargains sell a wedge pack for a pound.
Or a very small toolkit will shove into the front part of the frame - I've got two spanners, two tyre levers, a piece of emery cloth and some sticky patches, all in a zip-lock bag. A lot cheaper than the Brompton toolkit, even if it isn't such a neat solution.


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At £50 the Brompton tool kit isn't cheap but it is a thing of beauty that will probably last a lifetime .
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