Same bike - different bike!?

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Chorley, Lancs
Went for a short spin on my Spech Tricross yesterday. Only purchased last year and have done about 180 miles on it in total. I have struggled with to be honest, never felt quite right no matter how I adjusted things. The reach felt stretched, not quite fully in control. On the drops felt deffo unsafe, on the tops, the same, so did most riding on the brake hoods.
I hadn't been on it since last September, but had done a bit of mileage on my mountain bike.
Anyway yesterday, as soon as I was on it, it felt like a completely different bike. No wobbles, felt secure and comfortable during all handlebar positions and I even liked the feel on the drops. I couldn't believe the difference and still don't quite understand it.
Confidence in your own riding ability?


Glad that you've got into the Tricross. They are longer than many road bikes, I understand that's because that length gives them stability when riding off road and Specialized also consider them to be the tourer of their range.

Strangely, I found the drops much more comfortable than those on my other bikes.


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A road bike will be very twitch & unstable if you don't have good trunk strength as you can't hold the more aggressive riding position & control the your torso to balance on the bike if you have low trunk strength. Feeling stretched out may be that you weren't used to riding a bike & holding that position, with the MTB miles you've got used to a riding position & also gained the required trunk strength.
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