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I'm looking at getting a new saddle after suffering numbness in important areas on long rides with my stock saddle. I've read good things about Selle SMP saddles here and elsewhere and think I'll give them a go. From what I can see they're all essentially the same design and simply vary in size, padding and material/weight. I'm therefore thinking of buying one of the cheaper saddles and if it suits me then later buy a better one for my road bike and consign the cheaper one to my hybrid. I'm reluctant to fork out the money for one of the better saddles only to find in a few weeks or months we don't get on. Would this seem reasonable or is there more variation between models than I'm aware of?


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@Mr_Grieve your thoughts above echo my initial thoughts . first things first measure your bum and then look at what models fit that range as that will narrow the choice down a bit .
i was going to buy a cheaper one first then do as you say , but what if the base one is to padded for you would you then try a more expensive one ?
i went for the lite 209 as it was in size range and the degree of padding suited my riding and normal choice .
when i bought mine through the uk distributor they offered a 2 week trial period to see how you get on not sure if they still do that ?

anyway i ended up buying x 2 lite 209 and think they are great for road bikes never tried them on an mtb or hybrid .

ps if i can find the e mail address with the person i dealt with , i will pm you with it


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I have the Chrono on my roadie and a 209 lite on my other roadie :huh: After using the Chrono for a while I knew I wanted another smp but with padding for my day to day bike . Have a look in the for sale section on here . I'm sure there are still a few smp's lurking in the back pages .


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I found an SMP Pro on sale with a very big discount, it is bright yellow. :ohmy: I got it anyway because of the price and I had been wanting to try one. I got it and it worked great for me, especially on longer rides. I later found an SMP Extra on sale and bought it for another road bike. The padding is softer on the Extra and I start to notice it sooner on longer rides. It is fine for me up to about an hour and a half but I start to really feel it after a couple of hours. I don't have that problem nearly as soon with the Pro. I am pretty sure it is the denser foam on the Pro that makes the difference for me. I also like the less pointed nose on the Pro. But saddles can be a chore to find the right one for you. Good luck.
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