Serious post for once but there's a mad man running about Cumbria


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Just seen that on the beeb, I hope they catch him soon.


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I work about 2 miles from the original shooting.
Brother in law works at one of the places there was a shooting.

Were all locked up inside work and shops.
Quite scary as it's a quiet rural place really....



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yes, I spotted that earlier... when it was just "shooting in Cumbria"...

now it's 'several killed'.... and they know who he is, have the reg number of car... hope they get hime before anyone else gets hurt.

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Brace yourselves for extremely inane and hysterical reporting on the news tonight with lots of utterly meaningless live link ups to reporters in the area who will then be asked to indulge in wild speculation by the mock-concerned prat in the newsroom. There will also be attempts to interview locals in a way which will contribute nothing to anything.

Or am I just being cynical?
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