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Now that I use proper cycling shoes with cleats, my worry is:" How the hell can you walk any distance with them on?"
The answer is that you can't so in case of a puncture or anything else and you need to walk some distance, I am going to get a small rucksac and put my normal trainers in, like this I will be covered for every eventuality! Before you mention spare tube etc.... I carry them as well.
Also, walking with cycling shoes on don't do the cleats any good I should think.


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This is one of the reasons I like my SPD cleats.

Although it seems to me like you could carry enough tools more most eventualities (chain tool, quick link, small spanner set, allen key set, puncture repair kit, spare tube etc etc) in a small saddle bag which would be more convenient (and it could also save you a long walk!) :smile:


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Why should you need to walk far on a road bike. Never needed to walk. Only ever walked a couple of miles when a rim exploded, but that was on my fixed, and had SPD shoes.


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2 bolt SPD cleats = no problems walking.

SPD SL cleats = infentissimal weight advantage but huge grief walking. You'll get a good hamstring workout though ;)


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I like walking in my SPD's... like tap shoes!!. Should disaster happen you could always whip the cleats off if you wanted to,but because they're recessed it's not too difficult. Worth having something strong enough to gouge the dirt out of the cleat bolts with you as they fill with impacted crap that make it very hard to get an Allen key in.

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Walking with cycling shoes/cleats is not easy, but you can get cleat covers. not tried them myself, but might be worth looking at.

I wish they had something like that for overshoes(obviously with cut outs for spds), as they soak up all the scuzz when you put your foot down!:dry:


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I wear flats with toeclips and my walking boots through the winter. Makes life much easier if you have to walk through a flooded road or get off because of ice etc. Spd the rest of the year though.
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