Short Legs

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I have lived most of the summer in my couple of pairs of Endura Humvees but now wish for something to cover my legs during the colder months.

I have tried Endura's full length Humvee thingies but as usual most full length men's garments are soo long for me that I could tie a knot under the shoe.

I can live with Endura small mens size but the legs have to be 29'' or perhaps an inch less.Style not too important but prefer the MTBish look.

Any ideas?



You could just get some tights or knee warmers - the latter being a very cheap option compared to a pair of dedicated trousers. That way you get your money's worth of wear out of the shorts! As long as your knees are covered then you needn't worry too much about your shins unless you're way ooop north or really feel the cold.
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