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I realised we don't have one of these threads, so I figured I would start one. Here's my main commuter:
It's an Orro Terra C that I have shod with 32mm Pirelli Cinturato velo tyres. I use a 6 litre saddle bag for a change of clothes (no real dress code at work so shorts/jeans and a tshirt), and a top tube bag for various sundries (keys, ID, USB battery pack). I have a set of raceblade pro mudguards for the wet days and some bar mitts for the winter. What does your commuter look like?

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Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
This is mine, having been my 'best' bike but is going into commuter duties* as I sold my past Wilier Montegrappa this summer and get my son's Cervelo S3 as a new 'best' bike shortly:


Note that I've not commuted for 18 months, and commuting will only be 1/2 days a week from later this month.
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North Yorkshire
Most of my commuting is done on this 2010 model Specialized Tricross Comp (AKA The Flying Turd!). Although it has rack mounts I’m quite happy using a backpack, I may put mudguards on this winter rather than using a different bike if wet.
I purchased the bike locally via eBay back in 2018 and it has since covered 6700 miles. Lovely bike to ride👍

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Have a nice ride.
Here is my all around everything bike. Commuter, shopper, trails, road, whatever. 1997 Hardtail Bianchi Ocelot MTB. Took off the knobby tires put on semi road tires 1.5 inches. This pic was taken right after getting home from some grocery shopping.




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On sunny days and dry roads I use my best bike...TCR 3

On wet days or wet roads, and for most of the winter, I use this rough old Giant Revolt, with mudguards. I upgraded the brakes to Spyres and it had these new Superstar wheels a while ago too. The OEM Smart Sams roll well on tarmac when properly inflated and it bowls along. I do notice the extra weight up hills a tad, and the Claris gears are clunky but serviceable.

I have a spare set of wheels with studded tyres for icy roads. I suppose I could replace the Revolt, but it would cost a fair bit to get something lighter/better and for now it does everything I need in a second bike, including gravel trails and family rides without me crying if it gets a knock here & there.

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Here's mine...


A Charge Plug 2 bought in 2017 that has been the happy recipient of various hand-me-downs since then. It now sports a 107 R7020 groupset with Hope brake calipers along with a nice sturdy set of wheels I build up last year with a dynamo front hub 😊 It's heavy as you like but its super comfy and reliable - a strong contender for my favourite bicycle, but don't tell the others :laugh:


20.5kg with my laptop in the pannier bag :whistle: 135kg with me on the saddle as well :laugh:
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