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I know many on here have Bromptons and I've seen a few Raleigh Twenties and Dawes Kingpins as well. Do we have any others?

I must admit I love small wheeled bicycles. So practical and considerably more usable than many realise and something about riding one will always put a smile on your face. I own three - a 1971 Raleigh Twenty (actually one of the Dublin built models) which has been handed down through various family members over the years until it came to my sister and then to me. I restored it about twelve years ago. I also own a basic three-speed Brompton and a slightly tatty 1974 Austrian-made Puch Pic Nic which actually rides great on the flat until you try a bit of serious climbing and you find it's quite flexible in a way the R20 and Brompton aren't. The Puch lives in my hall cupboard and I do occasionally ride it or lend it to visits on the rare occasions when I have ones.

I'd love to have a Dawes Kingpin, a Moulton and a Royal Enfield Revelation at some point.

Puch Pic Nic

My beloved Raleigh Twenty

A few pictures of my Brompton on a recent tour.


I don’t ... yet. Thinking of getting a 20” folder but as it’s for the train it’d need to fold quicker than I remember my mums Raleigh Stowaway doing!


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.....haven't posted on this forum for quite some time, but couldn't resist this one.

I'm definitely an R20 fan, having done a recent 'modernisation' of one, and now use it regularly - very comfy to ride I must say.

Here's a picture, although now has 3-speed hub and rear brake:

Did a thread on the build over at Atomic Zombie, link here:

This one cost a fiver, and makes a fun project, and great way to turn a piece of history into something usable.........


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....during the course of building up my R20, a lot of reading was done in this area, and it was often said that the Kingpin was a better bike than the R20.
I've not seen a Kingpin in the flesh as it were, so was wondering in what way is it superior? The R20 has a brazed frame, and cleverly made joints that meant no lugs were needed. The Kingpin, from photos, looks like either MIG or TIG welding, so the R20 would seem to me the winner. Guessing it must be down to components in that case, but maybe some who have owned both could proffer some views......


Is there room in the market for a modern 20" non folding shopper? It could be really lightweight, clean running bike with flatpack bars, ideal for students or storage in a hallway. There are plenty of folder options that add weight and reduce strength.


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
I haven’t owned both long enough to form an opinion, the Twenty I had long enough to pump up the tyres ride round the village to test the brakes and passed it on to @Fab Foodie. It rode very well for a bike that sat in a garage for 15 years.

Aesthetically, I prefer the joints and welds of the Kingpin, but whether they’re any better or not couldn’t say.

If the bike I had in 1970 had been a twenty it would’ve been that one I would’ve restored.

@FrankCrank presumably you know about the Kingpin and Twenty FB groups?


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CarlP - Have perused the Raleigh Twenty forum regularly, but it seems to be on its last gasp. Shame, as it covered all the iterations, such as the Kingpin. Was not aware of a dedicated Kingpin site, do you have a link?

MichaelW2 - would imagine there is a niche as you describe. The R20 would do the job, if you're into weightlifting! My version of the 'all steel bike' has the original frame with side stand, but all else has been replaced with alloy parts. Would like to have kept the forks, but too narrow for fat tyres. The BB conversion needs some engineering/DIY skills, but perfectly doable. It rides as well as my full sized bike, but takes up little space in comparison. At 5'-7" it's a perfect fit for me, but a few inches taller may struggle I think.


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
@FrankCrank No site as such but a Raleigh Twenty Facebook page as well as a Kingpin Facebook page. You may of course not have a Facebook account, so unless you sign up you won’t see it. There are Facebook pages for other bikes too such as Raleigh Chopper and RSWs.


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
...OK Carl - cheers for that. I'm determined to live my entire life without joining Facebook - no offence. The two R20's I have were real cheap, and I may get lucky with a Kingpin if I keep my eyes peeled. I've also got a couple of more modern folding bikes, both 20" wheeled - these small wheeled bikes can become addictive....:okay:
You’re very wise about Facebook, it’s an utter waste of internet, but the groups have great information and some very knowledgeable and enthusiastic owners.

If I see a KP come up I’ll let you know.
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