Sidi Shoes

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Well I've had a pair of Sidi Tecno's ( - but with only 1 top winder) from eons and eons back..and they're still going pretty hammered but no bad...luv to know how many miles I've done on them ???

I will say and not digress as I always DO the Sidi Carbons are pretty darn fine and would love a pair of them though they are heavy on the pocket YET the uppers on Sidi's are outstanding ! AND you get a CORK inner sole which is also bloody great (shapes to your foot just nicely) !

Well recommended Dav'mate ! :thumbsup:


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Deal, Kent
One thing I found with Sidi is the fit is narrow so try first. The solution i had to use was either buy a half size bigger (european size) or go for their 'mega' size which is wider.
true sidis do come up quite small an narrow, i had to go one full size bigger for them to fit correctly. i would def recommend them though very sturdy and good quality.
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